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I kid, I kid. This is the first time I've ever been tagged, it was exciting XD I was tagged by :iconevetyran:

1. you must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 2 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 2 people.
I was tagged by ~prussiancrimsonheart

1. How often do you read books?
Less than I used to, since I started drawing more often, but a lot.
2. How often does it take you to finish the average book?
Generally less than a week, but if it's school-assigned it could take ages.
3. How often do you chew gum?
I don't always chew gum, but when I do, it's usually once or twice a week.
4. What is your favorite Hetalia pairing?
Italy and pasta (^.^)
5. What is your most prominent nationality in your heritage?
Mah german-ness. My grandfather from about 10 generations ago came to America from Alastia.
6. Do grammar mistakes bother you?
A bit, but I don't point them out.
7. Are you bilingual, trilingual, etc.? If so, what other language(s) do you speak?
I am fluent in English, I know a good-sized chunk of French and I'm working on Japanese.
8. Do you know any twins? (Fraternal twins, identical twins, I myself am a fraternal twin )
Fictional: 7 (off the top of my head) Real: 5  (I also know two sets of triplets!)
9. Do you like fast food?
Yes :iconmegustaplz: Even though it hates me.
10. What do you think of Goths?
Well, when I was 10 or so, I wanted to be one, so...ahem...yeah. Let's change the subject.

Her questions:
1) How are you feeling on this glorious day?
Glorious *U*
2)Read any interesting/fun stories lately? What?
I recommend January First.
3) Any favorite sports? What?
I'm really not into sports.
4)Favorite bands or music styles?
I like a lot of styles. Panic! At the Disco, Blood on the Dance Floor, All Time Low, A Rocket to the Moon, Motion City Soundtrack, Mannheim Steamroller, but my FAVORITE ARTISTS OF ALL TIME are Adrian Von Ziegler… and ColdCity and Kite-ridE, two DA users who wrote this:
5) Good characteristics of a friend?
Sense of humor, honesty, someone who doesn't hate my guts. Basically if you don't despise me I'll like you.
1. Drawing 2. Cosplaying 3. Drawing 4. Crocheting 5. Drawing 6. Wasting time on the Internet 7. Cooking
7) Favorite color?
Black, very neon colors
8)Any funny jokes that you would like to share?
What's green and has wheels?
Grass. I was lying about the wheels.

... I would tell you a butter joke than that, but you might spread it.
9) Do you cosplay? Who?
Hatsuharu Sohma, InuYasha, Toph Bei fong, and I'm working on Natsu Dragneel, Haruhi Fujioka and Grell Sutcliff.
10)Favorite characters? From what show/story?
Hatsuharu Sohma, Niels Gyldensted, Natsu Dragneel, Leo the Lion,    Leo Aoi,                      Todd Allison,                            L            ...And many, many others.        
Fruits Basket       Niels and Friends    Fairy Tail         Fairy Tail     Beast Master     Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet     Death Note

1) What was your favourite movie of 2012? Tough one, I know.
The Hobbit & Wreck-It Ralph

1) Your opinion on Deidara? If you don't know him, then go search him up, quick XD
        I've always wondered how his hair does that.
2) Ever had a girlfriend/boyfriend?
   ...Do fictitious characters count?
3) Ever kissed the opposite gender? If you answer yes, then you're a lucky person XD
   At a sleepover when I was in 3rd grade, on a dare.
4) Ever thought of suicide?
  Yes, but never of committing it.
5) Ever created more than 10 OCs?
  I have roughly 36.
6) Ever pretended your pillow was someone and kissed it? (Come on now, be honest XD)
    Not a pillow, but a plush chameleon.
8) Ever stuck your middle finger behind a teacher's back (Or worse, in front of them)
          You've just given me a new years' resolution.
9) Ever noticed that we missed question 7?
       Nope 0.0

10) Ever noticed questions 2-10 started with "Ever"?

Mah Questions \(^-^)/

1. What is your favorite thing about Olan Rogers? (If you don't know him, please look him up!)

2. Who is you favorite OC? it could be yours, or someone else's.

I tag :iconoomizuao: and :iconthe-sushi-demon:


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